About us

We are licensed mental health professionals that believe change happens in communities through building connections. We also believe in you.

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Becka Ross, MSW, LCSW | Co-Founder

Becka holds a License in Clinical Social Work. Becka has been practicing mental health treatment for 13 years, working in both direct practice as a psychotherapist, managing a residential program for young men transitioning to adulthood, providing teletherapy in a medical setting and most recently working at Crisis Text Line, a free, nationwide, 24/7 text-based crisis line. Becka is passionate about access to mental health services and providing ethical treatment of all humans.

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Garrett Shotwell, MSW, LCSW | Co-Founder

Garrett is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a graduate degree in Social Work from Louisiana State University. He has been practicing social work and psychotherapy since 2014 and is a certified trauma specialist— with a specialization in crisis intervention, and working with individuals struggling with symptoms of depression. Garrett is passionate about helping people create the space needed for long term change. Garrett & Becka met at Crisis Text Line!

Core values 

Accessibility. We believe that everyone deserves support. We strive to make this process as easy as possible.

Connectedness. Humans are social creatures; we need each other. We provide connection through group therapy.

Quality Treatment. All users (group members & employees), deserve to be treated to the highest standards.

Evidenced Based Practices. We always do no harm, and ensure highest quality of care.  

Wholeheartedness. We strive for wholehearted exchanges through all actions.

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