Your Thoughts Matter

Your Thoughts Matter

By: Garrett Shotwell, LCSW

Oftentimes our biggest cheerleader or critic is ourselves. As a humans, we tend to spend most of our time in constant conversation through internal dialog delving into our feelings, reactions, thoughts— usually without noticing. Our impact is HUGE.

Typically, I enjoy approaching life from a strengths- based perspective (e.g., What do we do well?). However, sometimes in efforts to modify behavior and thoughts, we need to look at problem areas. 

Take a minute and think of a time when you decided against prioritizing yourself or something that would have made you happy or relaxed. Perhaps you had a chance to take 3 minutes to meditate (or pour yourself a glass of wine) and you decided against it. 

What did you tell yourself? 

1. Take that thought, and challenge it. Is what you thought true? 

2. Take that thought, and reframe it.  Suppose you thought, "I can't take time for myself because I didn't spend enough time preparing for tomorrow." Reframe it to "I did as much as I can today, and I am proud of that." Maybe with the reframe you decide to meditate (or pour that glass of wine)-- maybe you don't.  The point is, these small changes in our thought processes add up.

In therapy, we call this Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT).  The idea that our thoughts impact our feelings, which in turn changes our behaviors. 


When it comes to self-care remember that the small things matter. Your thoughts about yourself matter.  You matter.

Take the small, free, steps to a healthier life.

Be kind to yourself,

Garrett Shotwell, LCSW | Co-founder … And thought tracking fanatic.

Garrett Shotwell, LCSW | Co-founder … And thought tracking fanatic.

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