New Year reflection > New Year resolution

As we wrap up 2018 we have a tendency to start prepping our 2019 goals, like the introspective, caring individuals we are. It’s human nature to want to improve and set goals.

For your consideration, I propose that we can’t achieve our true goals without reflection and growth of past experiences. Before setting your goals for 2019, reflect on 2018-- Really reflect. Think back to last January on a work project you worked hard on. Or, the rocky relationship you experienced in April. Perhaps, the new hobby in August. All the things, good and bad!

Here are 3 steps to structure your reflection:

1. Make a list of the things you remember from each month of 2018.

2. For each of those events write out at least one thing that went well.

3. For each of those events write out at least one thing you’d like to do differently in the future.

After this exercise, leave the list for at least 48 hours. When you are ready, re-read your reflections. Do you see any common themes? What is your reaction to each month? Use this, to guide and prepare for your intentions as you move into 2019.

Therapy By Group, wishes you a year of abundance!

As always, be kind to yourself.

Becka Ross, MSW, LCSW

Co-founder | Therapist

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