Aha moments!

Have you ever had a moment where something clicks?  Oprah calls these “Aha moments.” Which she defines as an unforgettable experience when all the dots are connected. These moments are special. They can be drastic such as a huge realization. “Wow, I need to leave my partner.” Or they can be subtle.

For me, it was about moving a credenza. That’s right. A piece of furniture.

As a remote employee, I spend a lot of time in my home. It’s not a small space, but between my family and office, there isn’t any extra room to spare.

My environment also matters a lot to me, as it impacts my mood and wellbeing. The details matter.

I am new to the space (approximately 6 months), and curating my home is an ever-changing project. Or at least it should be, as it is reflective of where I are am in life.

For a while, something felt off.  Then one day it hit me. “Move the credenza.” Literally, shift it 6 inches to the left. Boom. Done.

I felt empowered, ecstatic, and like I’ve been carrying the weight of that damn credenza on my back for months without even knowing it! I may have stood in Superwoman power pose for about 3 minutes straight, dripping with pride.

Why was this so important? I moved a piece of furniture, after all.

But I felt an internal shift; a true Aha Moment!

It took several days of contemplation. However, I realized why that singular moment was so impactful for me: I took action.

So often, we operate within the perceived boundaries in which we create. And they may not always be the healthiest.  Guess what, I am the one who put the credenza in its original place, and yet I was bound to the location… Why?

Because we tell ourselves “no.” We say, “these are the rules and this is safe.”  And yes, safety is important. It takes a lot of vulnerability to take action, and make a change. But let me tell you, its powerful.

My Aha moment continued to inspire me. For instance, several weeks ago I searched for local Meetups, in the Chicago area, to discuss mental health issues. I became disheartened when I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs. After about 30-minutes of trolling, a tiny voice whispered in my head, “Move the damn credenza.”

I sprung into action and created my very own Meetup: Mental Health Chats. Within 24 hours we had over a 100 members and a waitlist to our first event! (Shameless plug: if you’re in the Chicago-area, follow us here).

I’m not saying that change is easy, or that Aha Moments are a dime a dozen. I am saying, that if you’re open to listening to the world around you and vulnerable enough to do the hard work-- You’ll find them. Even more, if you’re able to take that moment of change and implement into your life, you will surely grow... Even if you’re rearranging some of your furniture :)

Be kind to yourself,

Garrett Shotwell, MSW, LCSW

Co-founder | Therapist

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