Stop the stimga: online workshops

Part of our commitment to stoping mental health stigma is to provide accessible educational opportunities.

Once per month we offer an online workshop for $5.00.

July Workshop:

Learn to create your core values

Behaviors within your core values = Living within your true self = Obtaining goals. 

All too often, we learn about our boundaries, and what is not okay for us whenever something bad happens.  One way to be proactive about this is to create a set of personal core values.

In this one-time online group workshop, you will learn the importance of setting your core values and techniques to pick identify your core values. You will walk away from this group with at least 2 core values that you live by.


Cost: $5.00

When: AUGUST 20TH, 2019 at 6:30 pm CST

How long: 60 minutes

Where: Online (so, anywhere!)

Who can join: Anyone!

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