What is online group therapy?

Therapy by Group blends traditional group therapy models, led by experienced and licensed mental health professionals with the convenience of online therapy. Check out this link for more in-depth information.

Group Rules

Rules for group work can be very similar to that of traditional therapy, in that everything is confidential. However, there are slight differences, as more people are involved. Typically, rules are discussed in the first session. Some things to expect:

  • Showing face. Given the virtual nature of our work, it's important that everyone shares their faces on screen.

  • Respect. Being on time, and respecting others while they chat.

  • Privacy. We live in a virtual world, and we ask that people do not share other Member’s stories, experiences… especially online. :)


Who can benefit from Therapy By Group?

You can. We believe if you’re vulnerable, open to growing, and committed to the process, one can use the group to gain a deeper perspective of their situations or self.

Is Therapy by Group confidential?

Absolutely! At the first session members and the therapist will discuss group rules including confidentiality. Our video platform is HIPAA complaint and we take security very seriously and adhere to the highest security standards to ensure your information is protected.

How long is the program?

Each program is customized, and meeting times range from 60 -120 minutes every week at the same time and day for 8 weeks, or ongoing.

I’m signed up for a group, now what?

After you sign up for a group, you will get a welcome email asking to schedule a free 30-minute intake session. After this call, you will have a better understanding of what the group process looks like. You will have a chance to ask any questions. Once you’ve been approved for group, you’ll receive instructions on how to log into our secure video platform.

What happens if a group isn’t to capacity.

If you’ve purchased a seat for a time-limited closed group, and it is cancelled secondary to low enrollment, you will be provided a 100% refund.

If there isn’t enough Members for the group to start (2 or more Members), there are three options:

  1. You can participate in our “Early Engagement Sessions.” These sessions are billed at the same weekly rate of the group session. During these sessions, you will meet with the therapist to prep you for the group process, and/or process whatever comes up.

  2. You can decline the Early Engagement Sessions, and simply wait until there is enough group members to start together.

  3. You can do a combination of both!

What does a session look like?

At the time of your group meeting, you will sign in and see all the group members and the therapist on your screen. The group sessions will vary based on topics, but you can count on the opportunity to share, listen and learn tools for coping from a licensed mental health professional.


How many people are in each group session?

You can expect between 5-15 members depending on the group.


What do I need to attend a session?

All you need to join a session is a device or computer that has audio AND video capability. A quiet and private place to be during the session


Who are the therapists?

Each of our therapist have extensive experience in delivering group therapy and are licensed mental health professionals (LCSW, LCPC, etc). They are non-judgemental and passionate about helping you overcome your challenges.


How much does it cost?

Each group differs and generally range from $10 workshops - $40 clinical groups. Check our Groups page for upcoming groups and costs.

Is group therapy effective?

YES! There is an abundance of research that proves that working on issues in a peer group has positive outcomes. There is power in community.

Do I need to attend all sessions?

We ask that you commit to all sessions. It will pay off! The weeks will fly by and each session is packed with valuable learnings and education to help you meet your goals. This is a commitment to yourself and the other group members. We understand life comes up and if you have a conflict you can speak with the group therapist.

What is CBT?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an effective evidence-based therapy modality that has been utilized by therapist for many years.

The CBT model helps members understand how their thoughts affect their behavior and offers tangible life skills to improve the way you feel.


Is this covered by my insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance. We have priced our sessions at an affordable rate to ensure access to all.


What are my payment options?

One Payment - of entire group fee, via electronic payment; OR

Weekly Payments - a weekly auto-deduction, available upon checkout.

Please know that when you pay for a group, you are committing to the entire 8 weeks, and your account will be withdrawn, even if you withdraw from the group.


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Still unsure? Email us at support@therapybygroup.com to schedule a free 30-minute consultation!

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